Posted on Jun 5, 2021

Touch Matters Bodywork Massage

From the road way
the view of a rail way.
Train cars pulled along at a pace.
Each on their own way
each in their own time.
They remind me
how quickly
an hour
a day
a week
a month
a year
a decade
a life
goes by
like the trains that go by
or the cars in which we go.

I have found it easy not to make the appointment
for the massage session I want.

Consistently, when I schedule that time.
Time continues much as before.

However, I like the inner conversation more,
and the other conversations as well.

Meanwhile the railway
and the roadway
carry our freight
and our people.
The heft of our lives
on the roads and rails of time.

What good thing will you do for you today?
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