Posted on Jul 28, 2021

Touch Matters Bodywork Massage

In childhood
I had the privilege to share blue berry times
in a patch
in a kitchen
from a freezer
in a bowl with cereal
in a salad, pie, or delight.
I have been berry nourished more times than I have counted.
Sometimes fresh berries.
Sometimes frozen berries.

In childhood I received lotion on my back.
Sometimes I received lotion on my face from open palms.
Years later I was introduced to massage therapy.
And still later to massage therapy training.
Yes for each experience as a gift to carry, and sometimes to share.

Perhaps you have eaten blueberries today.
Maybe you plan to pick in a patch near you.
Perhaps you have scheduled a massage session today.
Maybe you will book a session with a practitioner near you.

Yes for nourishment by food, by contact, and in the care we share
Across all times of our lives.
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